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milk, anyone?!
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milk anyone?

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Tuesday, 1-Aug-2006 07:51
Halatuju industri ruminan di Tasek Gelugor :)
Pardon me for the title... LOL
This entry wraps my recent trip to a number of ruminant farms based in Tasek Gelugor.
Okay... before I let everyone confused with what's all about? Let me explain further...
ruminant is defined as any cud-chewing hoofed mammal with an even number of toes and a stomach with multiple chambers (re: Encarta Dictionary) i.e. ruminant covers cattle, camels, giraffes etc.
In my case... it covers cows, goats and buffaloes so basically I went to visit those farmhouses lah! ;-)

Organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro based industry, this working trip was meant to overview the directions of ruminant industry in that area. In summary, there were 9000 cattle being slaughtered annually in Penang to cater the market. In order to accommodate the demand of beef/mutton nationwide and to reduce imported beef/mutton, a more commercialise and integrated ruminant industry has been developed. MOA through Veterinary Dept. is committed to provide services and consultations in developing such industry and encouraging new entrepreneurs to participate.
jadi ape lagi!! Marilah beramai menjadi peternak lembu dan kambing :-)

Certainly, it was an experience altogether seeing those "lembu2”, "kerbau2" and "kambing2" and I tribute some images for yours viewing, enjoice! 8-)

ps: The idea is from me but credits should go to my beloved, milla for a job well done!
pps: Got milk? is a registered trademark of The National Milk Mustache "got milk?" campaign in the US – a multi-faceted consumer education effort that reaches different audiences in a variety of ways.
I only associated my image in support of that campaign. For further information do visit their website @ http://www.whymilk.com/


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